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AL CORPORATE ADVICE is a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) consulting company dedicated to privately owned groups. The Company provides both strategic consultancy and financial services to the benefit of business owners' corporate objective.

Founded by Aude Latouche, a former TierOne investment banker also trained as a business & business owners coach, the Company insists on the use of internally designed methodologies relying on the best of strategic analysis, financial technics & human questioning.

All dimensions are finely embedded in order to complete a transaction (sale, acquisition or fund raising) that really contributes to the group development.

All business owners have a "dream" (or vision). Each deal, as a key step for the group, must serve such "dream".

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Stagiaire Marketing/Communication/Design
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Aude Latouche
Founder and owner

Graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris, Sciences Po Paris & INSEAD MBA and certified in coaching, Aude Latouche is the founder and owner of AL Corporate Advice. She initiated the company after several years at top investment banks in Paris and London (JPMorgan, Crédit Agricole Indosuez), as well as in-house M&A in leading corporates.
Aude Latouche has advised a number of corporates and executives on the definition of their strategic vision, its implementation through specific transactions, and its successful completion by ad-hoc coaching. She is personally involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, as a Board member of PWN Paris and serves on the Board of ACIFTE, a Professional Association of Financial Advisors AMF-regulated.
Aude Latouche has published a number of articles in professional reviews (Revue d’Analyse Financière, Magazine Fusions & Acquisitions, Revue Française de Comptabilité, Forbes France). She loves writing and is an avid reader.

Junior associates / Interns

AL Corporate Advice regularly offers Junior associate internships throughout the year.

Required skills include strong financial analysis and modelling, writing ability and thourough interpersonal skills.

Internships may lead to further recruitment.

57 rue Pierre Charron, Paris, 75008, France
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Stagiaire Marketing/Communication/Design
Full-time | Internship
Marketing, Design, Information Technology, Writing / Editing
Deadline: on a rolling basis
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